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• Beauty • 1608 Mobile Beauty Services launches in Durban

beauty-durban-south africa-1608 beauty on demand-mobile beauty services-review

Hiya everyone 

Let me introduce you to the ultimate luxury, getting a mani/pedi and massage in your own home!

1608 Beauty in Demand launched in Durban in December last year. They're pretty much brand new, but the small business is run by Yaseera is experienced in the industry and her lovely beauty therapists are plucked from hotels and spas around the KZN area. 

There's an awesome giveaway at the end of this post so make sure to enter if you would like to WIN an OPI Pamper Pedi at your home! 

Before I get into the review of my experience, let me tell you a little bit more about 1608 Beauty on Demand. Their services include:

  • Home Visits
  • Pamper Parties
  • Events
  • Weddings
  • In-office Express Treatments
  • Corporate Events
  • Kids Spa Parties

Their treatments range from manis and pedis, to hair styling, makeup and massages. They also offer threading and waxes, that is the next service I will be getting as I hate going for a bikini wax at a salon! 

beauty-durban-south africa-1608 beauty on demand-mobile beauty services-review

How fabulous is this set up? We made some space between by lounge and dining room, pumped up the aircon (it was so hot that day) and got going with my OPI Pamper Pedi and Neck/Back/Head Massage.

Samke and Zamoh were attentive to my needs, light-medium pressure for my massage and hard on my feet, friendly and great at what they do! They both come from a spa at an Umhlanga hotel so I was happy knowing they had experience working for an establishment that expects high standards.

Despite the set up being in my home, they made it as spa-like as possible, I love that they bought the OPI stand for the polishes, their own soft & fluffy towels and their storage ottomans were perfect to use as a makeshift table for the products. 

I am very happy with the service, I can be a fussy AF customer when it comes to treatments, especially massages, so I really do feel that if you had to request these ladies through 1608 you will be looked after very well.

beauty-durban-south africa-1608 beauty on demand-mobile beauty services-review

beauty-durban-south africa-1608 beauty on demand-mobile beauty services-review

I have never encountered the OPI Pro Spa products before, but I can now they they are heavenly scented and seem effective in performance!

beauty-durban-south africa-1608 beauty on demand-mobile beauty services-review

I'm not usually an OPI Nail Lacquer fan, but the colours in the Lisbon Collection are stunning for summer! 

beauty-durban-south africa-1608 beauty on demand-mobile beauty services-review

Thank you to Samke and Zamoh for the wonderful treatments and chats :)

beauty-durban-south africa-1608 beauty on demand-mobile beauty services-review
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You can contact 1608 Beauty on Demand via email ( or call Yaseera on 0810385634.

Now for the competition! 

Go check out my latest Instagram post (embedded below) and follow these steps:

  1. Like the photo
  2. Follow me (@cjanewonder) and 1608 (@1608beauty) on Insta
  3. Tag 2 Durban based friends in the comments

*As 1608 is only available in Durban, this competition is available to Durban residents only

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*Disclaimer: I was gifted my services by 1608 in return for a review. The views on the post are not influenced by the sponsorship, they are true and my own.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

• Home • You'll never find someone so passionate about a washing machine • LG Smart Inverter Review

LG-smart inverter-washing machine-15 kg-sapience-top loader-review-south africa
Image source

Hiya everyone 

Let me warn you, you will probably never hear someone speak so passionately about a washing machine like you will in this post...

My friends and I always have a little chuckle about the things that bring us genuine joy these days now that we are adults. It used to be all about clubbing, hot boys, having extra cash for a new dress... Nowadays it's the little things like getting 8 hours of sleep, how my handheld vacuum has changed my life, and finding comfortable underwear that doesn't show panty lines! 

A few weeks ago I was delivered a genuine joy...

Introducing, the LG 15kg Sapience Top Loader with Smart Inverter!

LG-smart inverter-washing machine-15 kg-sapience-top loader-review-south africa
Ain't it a beauty??

I will be covering 3 main advantages or 'selling points' of the LG Smart Inverter in
bold, pink type below! 

Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control → Smart Inverter Technology eliminates wasted operation by efficiently controlling energy use.

LG-smart inverter-washing machine-15 kg-sapience-top loader-review-south africa
A 36% energy saving? Where do I sign up?

One of my 2018 goals is to make a concerted effort to be more energy efficient, using power, water and plastic as efficiently as I possibly can (I think I should do a post on the small changes I have made in my life so far, what ya think?)

I love the fact that the top selling point of the LG Smart Inverter is that it saves 36% more energy than its conventional counter part - probably even more than other brands! 

Compared to my previous washing machine, I have a ton more control over every single wash. I used to just pick 'quick wash' on my oldie, now I have a range of controls to choose from to customise every wash. 

LG-smart inverter-washing machine-15 kg-sapience-top loader-review-south africa
Sorry the pic is slightly blurry, in order to see the controls lighted-up I needed to take the photo on night mode

Here is a typical cycle for me, sometimes increasing 'wash', 'rinse' or 'spin' depending on what I am washing.

I received the 15kg capacity unit of the LG Smart Inverter (I can finally wash my duvet and couch cushion covers!) but I certainly don't do a 15kg wash every week (especially since I live alone again). 

I love that I can set the machine to a certain water level when I do my weekly laundry, I usually go for the '2' out of 10 wash level setting and do few 'washes' and 'rinses' to use as little water as possible.

As you can see on the display, this wash will take a grand total of 31 minutes! 

More on my couch cushion cover washing later in the post...

Smart Motion → Smart Motion is 3 kinds of motions created by Smart Inverter for optimized washing by fabric type.

LG-smart inverter-washing machine-15 kg-sapience-top loader-review-south africa
The best way to showcase this was to take a screen shot directly from their site. 

Quick side step... When I was in high school my poor dad would beg me to zip and button up my jeans before putting them in the washing machine. I was a little brat back then and wouldn't do it... Then he told me that doing it would make my clothes last longer - I'm sold! I don't even know if it's true but I have been doing it ever since.

A previous problem with top loaders was that the clothes in the machine would tangle terribly, stretch the fabric, and essentially ruin your clothes.

Being a fashion blogger and stylist, clothing is very important to me (perhaps a little too important, let's be honest) and I really do want them to last as long as possible. The Smart Motion of the LG Inverter ensures that clothing never tangles, reassuring me that my previous misconception of "top loader? nah" is a thing of the past. 

Turbo Drum™ → TurboDrum™ enables the most powerful wash and removes even the toughest dirt through strong water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.

LG-smart inverter-washing machine-15 kg-sapience-top loader-review-south africa

Another really cool aspect of the LG Smart Inverter is that it has LoDecibel™ Quiet System technology. My previous washing machine (which I had for 9 years) sounded like a rocket taking off when it was in the spin cycle - but not my new baby! It's so quiet that I forget I am even doing washing, until it plays me a little jingle once the washing is complete and I get up and do a little jig (told you I was obsessed with this washing machine..)

LG-smart inverter-washing machine-15 kg-sapience-top loader-review-south africa

I was so enamored by this new beauty of mine that I watched the whole first cycle through the diamond glass of this top loader. The beauty of the machine was one thing, the other was that I genuinely wanted to know how a washing machine works. I'm a nerd, I accept. 

As I mentioned earlier, I finally got to wash my couch cushion covers at home! I have two large Coricraft couches with massive cushions and my old washing machine couldn't fit my covers *cries with frustration

LG-smart inverter-washing machine-15 kg-sapience-top loader-review-south africa
That's a lot of cushion cover laundry!

For this wash I had a completely different set up than I showed earlier. I opted for a 'normal' wash instead of my typical 'quick wash', I did a 'high spin' since the fabric is denser, it had been ages since they had been washed so I did a long 'wash time' and a 'warm' temperature, and finally, I chose the highest 'water level' since the machine was filled to the top. That's a 1 hour 33 minute wash there!

LG-smart inverter-washing machine-15 kg-sapience-top loader-review-south africa

Also, the motor has a 10 year warranty - score! 

You can read all about the other features and benefits of the beautiful 15kg LG Smart Inverter, as well as other models such as the 17kg version, here  

The LG Smart Inverter goes for around R6,300 depending on which retailer you purchase it from. Worth. Every. Cent. I promise! 

That was a long read, thanks for sticking around, I clearly have a deep affection for this machine! 

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*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by LG. The views on the post are not influenced by the sponsorship, they are true and my own.

Monday, 29 January 2018

• Lifestyle • 17 Random Things about Me

random-facts-south african blogger-fashion-beauty

Hiya everyone 

1. 17 is always the number I choose when I am exaggerating - I am rather dramatic.

2. I have a degree in psychology and marketing. I studied at UKZN in Pietermaritzburg and those were the best 4 years of my life!

random-facts-south african blogger-fashion-beauty
Lyme Regis, UK

3. My family pretty much consists of my sister, my dad and I. It's been just the three of us for almost 20 years and we are so close!

4. I spent three days with Kim and Khloe Kardashian for a campaign I was working on a few years ago. It was the most stressful days of my life so far. I am considering doing a 'story time' on it...

random-facts-south african blogger-fashion-beauty
Brutal Fruit Cheeky Cranberry Launch, 2010

5. I am newly besotted with podcasts, my favourites being in the true crime genre. I have just discovered Jess Lively, through Chereen at The Beauty of It, and that's a new fave. It's about living life with intention and self improvement. 

6. I also have a weird (I think it's weird) obsession with fonts. I spend hours on free font sites trying to find the perfect ones, and I point out what the font names are when I spot them out and about with friends. "Oh my gosh, that's Bromello font!"

random-facts-south african blogger-fashion-beauty
Cape to Cuba, Kalk Bay

7. I am either hilarious or I am awkward and embarrassing. All depends on the crowd!

8. My blogger bestie, Siobhan from Sugar & Spice, and I went to high school together but hadn't spoken a word until a couple of years ago. We were friends on Facebook and I just randomly started messaging her blogging tips when I saw she had started a blog.

random-facts-south african blogger-fashion-beauty

9. I don't like Starbucks coffee - give me a Costa latte any day! 

10. I love public speaking! 

random-facts-south african blogger-fashion-beauty

11. I own a pair of Louboutins

12. Rayne, from Make it Rayne, and I are 'soul sistahs' - we both love all things beauty, Fall Out Boy (band) and Criminal Minds (TV show), and both get major PMS :D

random-facts-south african blogger-fashion-beauty

13. I am enamored with the movie The Greatest Showman (you can read about my day out when I watched it here) and have the soundtrack on repeat. I have a new love for Hugh Jackman!

14. At 31, I am still a huge fan-girl of boy bands! I even went to the One Direction concert on my own because none of my friends would come and I wouldn't miss it. I was lucky enough to bump into a friend on the train to the stadium and he offered me a golden circle ticket - best ever!! 

random-facts-south african blogger-fashion-beauty

15. Speaking of music, my favourite genre is rock followed by jazz.

16. Tulips are my favourite flower. 

random-facts-south african blogger-fashion-beauty

17. I only have one cousin

Did you like this blog post? I love these types of posts and would totally do a YouTube video on it! What do you think? 

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

• Lifestyle • A Stay at Royal Palm Hotel in Umhlanga

hotel-umhlanga-kzn-south africa-royal palms-review
Image source

Hiya everyone 

I hope you have had a good week so far! It's been a rollercoaster of emotions for me, if you follow my Instagram stories then you'll know what I mean...

Enough of that! Let's talk about my recent stay at The Royal Palms Hotel in Umhlanga! I was invited to have an overnight stay there for 2 to write about my experience. 

My overall view is the despite the room for improvement in staff service, the hotel is perfect for holiday makers and businessmen/women with the absolutely prime location. It is on Palm Boulevard which is sprinkled with restaurants and retail store, including two entrances to Gateway Theatre of Shopping.

The location is also parallel to Umhlanga Rocks Drive, which is the 'gateway' to the N2 and M4 highways as well as Umhlanga Village where all the nightlife happens.

As for my experience, when we entered the hotel there wasn't a traditional reception desk where you stand there and give all of your details to check in. There were two sit-down desks where you speak to someone front office to do your check in. He battled to find my booking, I am unsure if it was maybe, as a media visit, he had my name down as Jane instead of Camilla. Side bar, many people think my name is Jane as it's my blog name but that's actually my middle name.

hotel-umhlanga-kzn-south africa-royal palms-review

We were in an Executive Suite on the 6th floor. An Executive Suite is made up of one bedroom (king sized bed) with a separate lounge and bathroom en-suite, including a balcony.

You can see the other rooms and suites that are offered here

I was surprised that, as a 4 star hotel, no-one offered to help us take our bags up to our room and welcome us in. We were confused as to which lift to go up, we eventually figured out that you have to leave the lobby, stand in the shopping centre's corridor and grab a lift upstairs. After this our key card wouldn't work so we couldn't get into the room! My partner had to run downstairs to get a new one, in the process a hostess came upstairs to show us into our room.

The bedroom was simply gorgeous! I adore the cherry blossom wallpaper, the bed was nice and big (I need my space to get a good night's sleep), the bedding was luxe (probably 300 thread-count and 100% cotton) and the finishes were stunning. 

hotel-umhlanga-kzn-south africa-royal palms-review

Whilst there is no door between the bathroom and the bedroom, there were beautiful doors that could be closed to separate the bedroom from the entrance corridor and lounge. TMI, but I was still battling with a very long bought of gastro (I swear I had Listeria) so I was very happy that I could separate the rooms!

hotel-umhlanga-kzn-south africa-royal palms-review

There were the typical amenities in the bathroom; soap, body wash, shampoo and bottled water. The towels were also super-soft and just felt like wrapping yourself in the cloud after a bath (for me) or shower (for partner). 

The Arla Group (which The Royal Palm is a part of) are committed to living sustainably which I so appreciate. There was a sticker on the mirror asking guests to be water-savvy and reuse towels and such. I think this is especially important for visitors from abroad as they may not know the serious nature of South Africa's drought right now. 

hotel-umhlanga-kzn-south africa-royal palms-review

There was plenty of storage space, necessary for a longer stay, and a 1200W hairdryer with a dual 110 V/220 V razor socket. 

hotel-umhlanga-kzn-south africa-royal palms-review

The lounge was gorgeous and comfortable. I quite like the mixture of decor, especially the arm chair with the Chinese-people print. There was space to charge our phones and watches - one of my biggest bugbears is calling down to reception and hoping they have adapters - and a small TV with the typically-limited TV channels. We ended up watching Netflix in bed, currently catching up on all Black Mirror episodes! 

hotel-umhlanga-kzn-south africa-royal palms-review

hotel-umhlanga-kzn-south africa-royal palms-review

We were also treated to a fruit basket and Charlotte Rhys candle - thank you so much to The Royal Palm! It was great for midnight snacks and lunch for my first day back at work the next day.

There is also a mini fridge, microwave, sink and coffee station - perfect for a longer stay if you want the 'self-catering vibe'.

The Royal Palm also has a restaurant called THYME@ROYAL PALM if you would prefer a meal prepared for you. It's in the reception area and is also available to the general public.

The signature restaurant of The Royal Palm Hotel, THYME@ROYAL PALM, is a fusion of contemporary dining sophistication. THYME@ROYAL PALM offers patrons an opportunity to experience opulent dining with a modern twist. With a unique concept of four distinctive areas under one roof, the restaurant is a refreshing place to enjoy a couple of cocktails or a scrumptious meal. A simple yet effective colour scheme coupled by differentiating textures, welcomes diners to this innovative dining experience. The restaurant includes a bar area, lounge, dining room and outdoor courtyard, each one offering something different to the other to accommodate all. 
The focus of the main floor area is a vibrant, circular bar, with four seating arcs surrounding it. This innovative seating plan offers patrons a chance to be part of the dynamic energy at the bar, while enjoying privacy in one of the secluded arcs. Comprising a funky dining room table surrounded by wingback chairs and lengthy leather lounge suites, the lounge enjoys a relaxing ambience. 
Here, diners can snack on delicious finger foods whilst sipping exotic cocktails. The main dining room area seats up to 60 people and enjoys an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. With a selection of table styles, including a chefs table seating eight people as well as other options available, the dining room accommodates small and intimate dining arrangements. 
Restaurant goers can also enjoy the THYME@ROYAL PALM ambiance outside, as the restaurant’s sliding folding doors open up onto a spacious courtyard and enjoys an elegant cafĂ© feel, offering a taste of Al Fresco dining. With such a variety of offerings, THYME@ROYAL PALM serves as a definite hot spot for Durban diners.
You can view their menu offerings here.

hotel-umhlanga-kzn-south africa-royal palms-review

There is also a small balcony, a rarity for hotel rooms I have ever stayed in. The view isn't utterly gorgeous, it isn't close enough to Umhlanga Ridge to see over the other buildings, but we left the door open whilst we were 'at home' to get the sea breeze. 

We had breakfast at THYME@ROYAL PALM in the morning. There is a continental breakfast area with pastries, cold meats, cheese (so much cheese), biscuits and cereal. There is tea, coffee and about three different juices (I chugged about 4 glasses of delicious apple juice). Then there is the hot breakfast. I was a little disappointed as a hotel breakfast is by far the highlight of my stay at any hotel. Whilst the manager attended to our table and was fantastic, we still only had about three quarters of the hot options available (no pork sausages, tomato, baked beans) as they were still being prepared. It was almost 7am so I would have thought all the food would be prepared by then.  

Other facilities offered at The Royal Palm are:

  • Health & Vitality Centre (Open Mon–Fri, 6am – 9pm and Sat–Sun, 7am – 5pm)
  • 24 Hour Reception Services
  • Spa Royale (on site)
  • WiFi (Free)
  • Conference Facilities
  • In Room Dining Mon-Fri, 06h00-22h00 Sat-Sun, 18h00-22h00
  • Baby Sitting Facilities upon request within 24 hours (not specialised)
  • Secure Free Parking
  • Major Credit Cards Accepted

If you would like more information or to book, you can find their website here or you can call: +27 (0) 31 581 8000 

hotel-umhlanga-kzn-south africa-royal palms-review

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*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by the Royal Palm Hotel. The views on the post are not influenced by the sponsorship, they are true and my own.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

• Lifestyle • WIN a Playground Pass for Cornubia Mall


Hiya everyone 

It’s time to play this holiday season and Cornubia Mall is your playground! Come and experience some of the mall’s exciting offerings and stand a chance to win one of 10 Cornubia Mall Playground Passes, valid for a whole year, and valued at over R11 000 each.

Have you been to Cornubia Mall yet? I visited the mall on Sunday, it was my third time, and I experienced a few of the services they have to offer for their festive season campaign - "Your Playground This Festive Season". Playground is right! 

I am well-chuffed with all that is on offer at Cornubia Mall, situated just off the N2 in Mount Edgecombe in KZN. I love that there is a Dischem and Clicks there, since I usually have to go to La Lucia Mall for a Dischem and they have a small Clicks there. I like that they have both a Pick n Pay Hyper and Checkers Hyper there for my monthly grocery shop. They have cool restaurants like Brooklyn Brothers (read my review here), John Dory's (yay for half price sushi on a Wednesday), Plan B Dessertery (for their famous waffle cones) and Pallet Jacks (perfect for kiddos). 

They have activities like Bounce (with all of the trampolines), a kick-ass Nu Metro (with 4DX, Xtreme and VIP cinemas) and Fives Futbol (action soccer). It really feels like they have it all! They also have a Virgin Active, a barber and tons of fashion and home store.

Plus, the biggest draw card for me, free outdoor parking for 6 whole hours! I visit malls often and paying for parking is one of my biggest bugbears! 

A beautiful mural by one of Durban's most talented artists, Shaun aka the Damn Vandal

Here is a quick overview of what I got up to whilst I was there on Sunday...

I first was treated to an awesome pedicure by Londi at Perfect 10. She was fabulous, I received a great scrub using Biosculpture products, a massage and a paint with shade 75 by Biosculpture. Perfect 10 is situated to the right of Checkers Hyper, next to Pink n Pay Clothing. 

Wow, I am a nerd. This is what happens when you tell me to 'strike a pose'

I made sure to get snapped with the photo frame situated in-store

I had 45 minutes to kill before my movie date - and by date I mean that I took myself out on a me-time date as I was dying for some alone time after all the wonderful family activities in December and January. So next I headed to Noble Coffee which is on 'the other side' of the mall (a short walk over the bridge). The coffee shop is situated within the Thule store, nearby to Fives Futbol, Afro's and Plan B. I grabbed an ice tea (I wasn't feeling very well so wasn't feeling coffee) and a beef sandwich. 


Next I was off to Nu Metro to watch The Greatest Showman - and boy, is he?! As this movie is in one of the VIP theatres, I got to go grab my popcorn and cool drink in the VIP suite. I wasn't hungry enough to order, but you can order a legit meal and they will deliver it to your seat in the theatre! It is easy to say that my mind is blown away by that! 

I sat myself down in a super comfy, wide that reclines and got ready for 1 hr 45 minutes of pure magic! The movie was simply wonderful! I was very tearful, not because it was sad, but because the performances were so moving! I haven't been bought to joyful tears in a long time! I sneakily filmed one of the performances in my Insta-Story (a link to that at the bottom of the post) and you can watch the trailer here (I just got such goosebumps watching it again).

You can find Nu Metro near to Bounce and Brooklyn Brothers, it's downstairs.

The VIP Lounge


THANK YOU to Cornubia Mall for inviting me to experience some of the services available as part of the Playground Pass! More info on that... 

Competition details:

Visitors to Cornubia Mall are spoilt for choice when it comes to fun-filled activities for the whole family. At the heart of an active community, the mall offers a good selection of food, fashion, lifestyle and sports attractions, integrated into an outdoor shopping experience.

Adding an extra sprinkling of excitement this festive season, from 9 December 2017 to 13 January 2018, when visiting selected retailers, you will have the chance to win this incredible year-long Playground Pass.

Each pass gives you the chance to indulge at Noble Coffee, Afro’s Chicken Shop, Plan B Dessertery and Brooklyn Brothers, get active at Fives Futbol and Bounce, watch the latest movies at Nu Metro, let your little one’s creativity run wild at My Little Picasso and relax by having a manicure at Perfect 10.

To stand a chance of winning, here’s what you need to do:
  • Visit one of the participating retailers – see Cornubia Mall's Facebook page for all the details and look out for the hopscotch grids outside their stores.
  • Enjoy what the retailer has to offer.
  • Pose for a photo using the Cornubia Mall photo frame in the store - you have to buy a product or use a service to qualify.
  • Upload to the mall's Facebook page – look for the pinned post at the top of the newsfeed, comment on that post by adding your picture and use the hashtag #CMPlayground to be eligible to win the prize.

Each Playground Pass booklet will contain the following vouchers:

  • Bounce General Access tickets: 12 x R130.00 = R1,560.00 (1 free General Admission pass per month at any time, peak or off-peak)
  • Pink Membership (single): R750.00 – this provides other VIP benefits, 20% discounts on-going and free member days every month)
  • Bounce Goodie Bag, socks and glasses: R230.00
  • Final value per prize: R2,540.00 for the whole year

Fives Futbol
  • 4 x social games for 10 people (five a side) – one social game per quarter/every three months)
  • Final value per prize: R400.00 per game = R1,600.00 for the year

Nu Metro
  • 1 x adult 3D movie ticket per month for 12 months
  • Final value per prize: R95.00 per 3D movie ticket = R1,140.00 for the year

My Little Picasso
  • 4 x painting sessions for one child per session (1 x painting session per quarter/every three months)
  • Prize includes 1 x free cappuccino for the parent/guardian who is bringing the child for the session as well as a small gift for the child per session.
  • Each painting session value is R195.00 / R780.00 for the year.
  • Final value per prize: R250 per session = R1,000.00 for the year INCLUDING the cappuccino and small gift for the child.

Noble Coffee (In Thule store)
  • 1 x single shot Cappuccino OR 1 x single shot Americano per month x 12 months
  • Final value per prize: R24,00 per coffee = R288.00 for the year

Plan B Dessertery
  • 1 x R50.00 voucher (to redeem on any item you select to that value) per month
  • Final value per prize: R600.00 for the year.

Brooklyn Brothers
  • 1 x R100.00 voucher (to redeem on any item you select to that value) per month
  • Final value per prize: R1,200.00 for the year.

Afro’s Chicken Shop
  • 1 x R50.00 voucher (to redeem on any item you select to that value) per month
  • Final value per prize: R600.00 for the year.

Perfect 10
  • 1 x Express Manicure per quarter (once every three months)
  • Final value per prize: R150.00 per manicure = R600.00 for the year.

To see what else Cornubia has in store for you (as in, what other stores they have - funny joke, Cam), click here

If you would like to see more pics and videos from my day spent at Cornubia Mall, check out my "Highlights" on my Instagram profile! Here's the link and here's what to look for:

Terms and Conditions:
  • The competition runs from 9 December 2017 to 13 January 2018.
  • The Playground Pass voucher booklet will be valid from 1 February 2018 to 31 January 2019.
  • Winners will be announced on 19 January 2018 and receive their prize by 31 January 2018.
  • Winners will be chosen via a random draw process and will be announced on the Cornubia Mall Facebook Page.
  • Winners will be required to confirm their contact information within 48 hours otherwise new winners will be selected.
  • If winner is from area outside of Durban, Cornubia Mall will not pay for travel and accommodation for the person to redeem their prizes.
  • Prize does not include transport to and from Cornubia Mall (for winners who live in the Durban area)
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed at Cornubia Mall.
  • “Swaps” are at the discretion of the retailer.
  • Prizes are not redeemable for cash.
  • If the prize is misplaced or lost, Cornubia Mall is not liable to replace the vouchers.
  • When redeeming vouchers, winners must note that vouchers can only be redeemed as per the times indicated on each of the vouchers i.e. one voucher per month or one voucher per quarter. These redemption timelines can only be changed with retailer approval.
  • You may enter as many times as you purchase something at participating retailers. One receipt is valid for one entry/use of the photo frame.
  • The vouchers are not personalized with the winners’ names. As such, prizes can be redeemed by anyone who presents the voucher.

For more information and Ts & Cs, click here

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