Thursday, 4 December 2014

{OOTD} Street Style

Hi everyone. Here are some photos of the shoot I styled in Durban a few weeks ago. I hope you like them :)

Photography: Kate van Onselen
Model: Chelsea Taylor

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Cotton On does beauty

Hello everyone! Long time... First up, I must apologise for the radio silence on the blog for the past few weeks. I have been consulting on a brand that I used to work on and have been beyond busy and tired. But I'm back and I have a few new ideas for the blog in the coming month. The plans includes videos....

The ladies over at Cotton On told me a few weeks ago that Rubi (a Cotton On shoe brand) is bringing some fab makeup products to South Africa. They should be hitting stores now. How exciting?

Here's what they say:
Rubi is also taking its first foray into beauty, releasing a line of on-trend, everyday makeup essentials that will take you from day to night. “Beauty by Rubi Shoes” will be an extensive and exciting cosmetics range, just in time for the party season! The new collection will feature super-slick, bright lipsticks and tantalising nail polish selections. It also includes uber-cool shadows, cheeky blush and bronzers, lip-gloss, face wipes and perfume.

I haven't seen any beauty products in-store yet. I have been visiting the Rosebank branch (way too often) lately but they may be in Sandton City. Let me know in the comments if you've seen the range in store already!

The range reminds me of the makeup that you can get at Topshop and I think the pricing is similar. I can't wait to try them all out, especially those nail polishes.

1. Rubi Feelin' Fresh Makeup Wipes - R49
2. Rubi Lipstick - R69
3. Rubi Scented Candle
4. Rubi Blush - R99
5. Rubi Eyeshadow Palette - R119
6. Rubi Nail Varnish - R49

Monday, 20 October 2014

9 things I would tell my 16 year old self

So, I am 27 years old. I've been thinking a lot lately on what I wish I knew years ago to assist me in aging gracefully and be the best looking version of myself (superficial, I know). I didn't have a mom during my teenage years so there was no-one around to give me this type of advice. Especially over the last few weeks I thought of a few things that I would tell my 16 year old self, and maybe you could benefit from them too :)

1. Don't overpluck your eyebrows
I think a lot of people have encountered this 'problem'. You were so obsessed with plucking and "shaping" your eyebrows in your teens that they are now thin and scattered. Well, this is one piece of advice that I actually did follow! I was too scared to pluck my own eyebrows earier on, so I didn't. Whilst I don't have Cara eyebrows I still have the freedom to groom them as I wish. I go for threading every couple of weeks and I am happy with their appearance.

2. Don't wash your hair everyday
This is one piece of advice my mother did actually give me, when I was about 7! If you wash your hair (shampoo and conditioner) everyday then you will strip your hair of all its natural oils. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and that plus the fact that I haven't dyed my hair in a year has left my tresses silky soft. I'm no expert, but I would recommend getting out of the habit over a few weeks; leave your unwashed for 2 days, then 3 days, then four over the next few weeks and see if it makes a difference. Dry shampoo is always a winner.

3. Floss every night
I know, flossing takes a lot of time and really is a mission. But - it's worth it!! You need to floss in order to clean out the gaps between your teeth, where bacteria often reside. If you don't floss, you're more likely to have plaque build-up, which can lead to cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Ew.

4. Start using eye cream and wrinkle cream from about 18 years old
Whilst I don't have 'proper' wrinkles (ones that are visible all the time as opposed to when you smile or squint) I do have fine lines, especially around my eyes. I've been a little lazy with performing all of my night-time skin routine (I get too tired and just crash) I have been better lately with putting cream on my eyes every night. I am also investigating a fine line 'filler' to use under my makeup, sometimes my base and concealer highlight the fine lines under my eye.

5. Save up for laser hair removal
I am so over the shaving and waxing. Laser hair removal is the way to go, I would suggest saving up every month in order to do so.

6. Don't get a tattoo
I am SO happy that I never got a tattoo. Whilst it is defintely a personal preference, I feel that tattoos can be subject to trends (think tramp stamps) and aren't as pretty when you get older; especially in the working world. No offense to anyone that has a tattoo, again this is just my personal preference.

7. Change up skin and hair regime for different seasons
Your skin and hair behave differently in summer compared to winter. In winter I use more moisturising products and really try to skip the heat tools (my hair tends to be more dry in this season). I buy different products for the different seasons and I've felt such a difference changing up my routine.

8. Exercise and start yoga early
I didn't exercise for 10 years after school, can you believe it?! I thought I didn't have the time to do so. This year, I made time! When you hit your mid-20s your body changes. I was always skinny throughout school but felt a drastic change at ±25. My metabolism slowed down and all of a sudden I couldn't eat the way I used to. Cue putting on 10kgs. This year I have combined weight-training, cardio and yoga in my weekly routine. I feel GREAT and I'm looking better too. I have been getting lots of compliments of looking good, and I haven't even lost taht much weight. I even completed my first 10km race a few weeks ago :)

9. Don't cut your hair / don't overdo it with your heat tools
My hair has gotten so thin over the last 6 years; this time directly coincides with when I got given my first ghd for my 21st birthday and when I cut all my hair off. My hair used to be full, volumous and curly (like ringlets curly). I cut a bob when I was 21 and I regret it to this day. It took years to grow back to the length I like and now it is so thin. I actually think I am going to buy clip-in extensions because I can't deal with the thiness any longer. 

I hope that this advise is helpful. Do you have any more to add?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Looking for a bridesmaid wedding dress?

Hello everyone. Are you a bride looking for the perfect dress for your bridesmaids? Are you a guest that has been invited to so many weddings that you are running out of dresses to wear to the occasion?

Forever New have got a treat for you!

A multiwear dress has been launched in Forever New stores as of last week. As you can see below, the dress can be worn in 8 different ways. This is perfect if you are a bride that wants your bridesmaids to be wearing the same hue of dress but that suits their individual personalities.

There is also a "while stocks last" deal that if you buy more than one of these dresses you get a 15% discount. So, get shopping!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Let's talk underwear

Underwear. Not the most glamourous of topics, but one that needs to be talked about none the less. 

It surprises me (to a degree) how many women are wearing the incorrect size bras and undies that don't match their body shape, I come across this all to often when shopping for clients. 

Another thing is shape wear, there is nothing wrong with you if you wear 'spanx' to tuck in that tum whilst wearing a tight dress. It's not a silent acceptance that you aren't possibly the size you want to be! Not at all. I use shape wear and I'm a size 8 or 10. 

On the topic, I came across a few great pages on the Ackermans website. Did you know you can shop online with them? Me neither.

Firstly, you should check out their catalogue that shows some images of the lingerie on actual people and them check out their site to browse shape wear and everday undies. There isn't much of the fancy stuff.

Next, they have great articles on two topics;

  1. Different types of bras, and 
  2. Tips for taking care of your lingerie (a must read)

I hope you've found this post interesting, please comment or tweet (@CJaneWonder) with any other topics you would like for me to cover xoxo

To see the whole catalogue, click here

Monday, 6 October 2014

{OOTD}: Pink and Girly

Happy Monday everyone! I was really in love when A-line skirts came into fashion, they're so sophisticated. I just checked and I posted about this trend a year ago tomorrow, weird. Anyway, I haven't found all that many in stores but I did manage to get 3 from Mr P (always satisfying my trend fix). I hope you like the way I styled it, it's a great way to wear a crop top without showing too much skin.

I LOVE to hear what you think, so drop me a line in the comments. Please also follow me on Instagram and Twitter - @CJaneWonder xx 

Skirt: Mr P (similar here)
Crop top: Mr P (purchase here)
Shoes: Forever New
Bag: A gift
Accessories: Cotton On, Aldo Accessories and Zuri
Photography: Kristie Jade Greene
Hair and makeup: Camilla Jane (that's me!)

Friday, 3 October 2014

NEWS ROUND UP: 5 stories

Another week gone, can you believe it? I'm going to keep it short and sweet, check out 5 stories below from Dune/Edgars, L'Oreal, and Forever New.

I LOVE to hear what you think, so drop me a line in the comments. Please also follow me on Instagram and Twitter - @CJaneWonder xx

Dune London SS14 Sugar Rush 
Powder pinks, minty greens and sorbet peach - These frosted pastels transform classic brogues (Linfords), modest heels (Appoint) and cross-body chain bags (Endover) to accentuate SS14’s pretty femme mood. No bling goes unnoticed as sandals stack on jewels and pretty crystals for all occasions to sparkle.

Dune London Availability
Dune London is available at flagship stores in Sandton City, Canal Walk, Centurion Mall, Rosebank Mall and Highveld Mall as well as selected Edgars stores. 

Karlie Kloss reigns at L'Oreal

We are delighted to officially announce that KARLIE KLOSS is the new International Spokesperson of L’Oreal Paris.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss, the most recognizable face since she was spotted at 14, rules the fashion world. From her powerful walk to her unique freshness, her amazing energy arouses envy.
Icon of her generation and muse of the most creative talents, she turns her infinite legs and her atypical beauty into an inimitable signature. This generous personality, appraised by everyone, becomes L’Oreal Paris’ new Spokesperson.

Forever New: Summer in the Hamptons

Dune London SS14 Graphic Impact Trend

Dune London makes black and white anything but basic.

Exemplifying the latest catwalk trends, pair two-toned wedges (Gail) and sandals, with sleek trousers and blouses for a graphic, fashion statement. A minimal, white snake print embellishes ankle straps (Carys) and clutch bags (Barrio) to add a touch of luxe to this androgynous trend.


Colour Block and Pop! 
Go for bold colour blocking in bodycon dresses popped with geometric black and white for a fresh, high-energy take on this summer trend. Statement handbags and sexy heels complete the look.

Sport this look with items from Kelso, Free 2BU, Mango and Dune London, available at selected Edgars – in store now!

For more information visit

Thursday, 2 October 2014

New from Mr P

WOW! I just checked and I haven't done a Mr Price post for over a month. Apologies to the fans of this series.

So a trend that I've seen popping up everywhere lately is the "festival look" trend. From Mr P to Cotton On and River Island there are loads of short-shorts, kimonos (one of my fave new trends), crop tops with tassels, and hats.

My picks of Mr P new stock for this week include 2 items that I already have, my gorge pineapple earrings (love this print) that you can find in THIS outfit post, and my super-comfy shirt dress. On a side note, I was steaming this dress the other night for my trip to Durban and steamed my leg by mistake. Ouch for steam burns.

My #1 pick for this week is the lace kimono, swoon! Kimonos have been a love of mine for a while now. I bought a night-gown in a large size from Cotton On in June 2012 that I wear is a kimono, I wore it to the Superga launch a few weeks ago - I hope to post this soon. 

I have my eye on a couple kimonos at the moment, one being from Factorie in Rosebank Mall (check my Instagram for the pic) and one from OhOneOne which you can find HERE.

**Check out the end of this post for a cheeky competition

1. Lace kimono - R79.99
2. Espadrille - R79.99
3. Aztec studs - R11.99
4. Belted shirt dress - R119.99
5. Pineapple studs - R15.99

To WIN a small, black cross-body bag from Mr P, tell me in the comments what your fave new pick is. This bag is perfect for the festival-look trend. I have one too!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

{OOTD} Boy/Girl

Hello everyone! I'm back from an awesome trip to Durban and also back with another outfit post.

I am so in love with my boyfriend jeans from Mr Price! They're so comfortable and great for lazy days when you don't want to wear tight clothing. 

A question quite a few people ask me is how to wear boyfriend jeans without looking too frumpy or masculine, my answer is always to pair your boyfriend jeans with something overly feminine. My choice here, a pastel blazer that I got a Primark a couple years ago. I teamed this with a trapeze bag from Blackcherry (the brand is available here and here) and my fave sliders from Mr Price.

Boyfriend jeans: Mr Price (similar here)
Blazer: Primark
Handbag: Blackcherry (purchased from Spree)
Sliders: Mr Price (similar here)
T-shirt: Mr Price (purchase here)
Photography: Kristie Jade Greene
Hair and makeup: Camilla Jane (that's me!)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

NEWS ROUND UP: 3 stories

Hello everyone! I hope you are all as excited as I am for the public holiday tomorrow :)

I thought I'd do my news round up today as I will be away for the rest of the week for a sneaky trip to Durban. I am a Durban native and studied in Pietermaritzburg so I still have very special friends down there. I haven't been down all year so I am extremely excited to catch up with my friends.

I also have a photoshoot planned for Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled for that ;)

Here are three quick stoires that hit my desk this week. Enjoy!

On Trend: Black & White Tribal & Brights
Black & white tribal prints are key for the season popped with bright colour accents for a bold summery feel! Pair tribal print with the season’s hottest new shades of cobalt blue and lemon yellow. For a dressed-down take, throw on some printed leggings with a bright tee. Keep your prints monotone and your accessories bright for a clean modern feel.  

Mix and match key tribal items with bright blues, yellows and reds from Free 2BU, River Island, Dune London and Lucky Brand to discover your own Black & White Tribal & Brights look this summer, all exclusively available at Edgars.

Shop these items from 13 October 2014 using your Edgars Thank U Store Card and buy on account with six months interest free credit, while earning Thank U points to spend.

For more information visit

Introducing the Summer 2014 Guess Handbag Collection
This summer, GUESS introduces a handbag advertising campaign shot by Claudia and Ralf Pulmanns and guided by Paul Marciano, Creative Director for GUESS?, Inc. The campaign features models Bojana Ksrmanovic and Solveig Mork, adorning the most sought after arm candy, demonstrating that summer is not complete without a girl’s most essential accessory.

This season GUESS’ assortment of handbags offers an array of transitional styles, made to be worn season after season. Shooting against an earthy taupe backdrop with beautiful natural light, the Pulmanns capture the stunning models embodying sophistication while accessorized with the season’s hottest handbags. Structured totes in classic black and camel hues are practical everyday handbags while quilted satchels in a colour palette of vibrant red and slate grey are fashion forward styles for the more daring GUESS girl. Edgy leopard and black and white animal print allow for an exotic addition to any GUESS girl’s handbag collection. Hard metal and detailing elicits a rocker chic feel, while flirty and feminine bows add a softer side to the delivery. The line includes signature GUESS logo handbags to compliment any on-trend outfit a GUESS girl chooses to wear throughout the season.

The Summer 2014 GUESS Handbag Collection will be available in all GUESS and GUESS Accessories SA stores from November 2014.

Pop in at the first ever One Green Elephant Pop Up shop

One Green Elephant, the Japanese/European brand specialising in innovative denim and fashion apparel, is opening its first ever Pop Up Shop in Eastgate Mall on the 24th September 2014.  Customers will receive 50% OFF all merchandise. This promotion will start on the 24th September and continue while stocks last! 

Get to Eastgate this week and enjoy the best promotion on One Green Elephant ever! 

Monday, 22 September 2014

{OOTD} Sports Luxe

Hello everyone! Today's outfit focusses on the sports luxe trend. Have you been brave enough to try it out?

I bought these super comfy joggers from Mr P, they're perfect for a super chilled day or dressed up for the sports luxe trend that I'm talking about.

The best way to dress up these track pants / joggers is to throw on a pair of heels, dangly/sparkly earrings and a clutch - voila! It's that simple :)

Jogger and t-shirt: Mr P
Clutch and ring: Aldo Accessories
Heels: Primark
Sunnies: Prada
Earrings: Mr P
Photography: Kristie Jade Greene
Hair and makeup: Camilla Jane (that's me!)

Friday, 19 September 2014

NEWS ROUND UP: 4 stories

Hello everyone! I just wanted to round up some news for you to peruse this chilly Friday afternoon. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend :)

Edcon is putting the spring into your step with the launch of BIRKENSTOCK this September. The innovative brand has recently opened its first professional BIRKENSTOCK Corner in South Africa via the most desirable platform, Edgars Sandton City.

BIRKENSTOCK is currently spearheading a new trend which is combining fashionable sandals with added health benefits for women and men. Choosing BIRKENSTOCK is not only putting your best fashion foot forward, but also investing in the correct biokenetics for your feet. With its unique footbed BIRKENSTOCK is an evolution in the global footwear manufacturing industry, and has been for more than 40 years.

The essence of all BIRKENSTOCK shoe models is the original footbed. Inspired by the natural imprint of a foot in the sand, it feels just like walking barefoot. The BIRKENSTOCK anatomical shape ideally supports the natural walking action of your foot. Your feet, joints and back are protected while at the same time your foot and leg muscles are exercised, and your health and well-being benefit.

Shop BIRKENSTOCK now at Edgars Sandton City using your Edgars Thank U Store Card and buy on account with six months interest free credit, while earning Thank U points to spend.

ghd’s revolutionary new drying and styling experience will blow you away

Styling super-brand ghd has launched a new and extraordinary hairdryer, ghd aura™, that is set to change the way we style hair. The ghd aura™ has been developed by the team at the brand’s research and development facility in Cambridge.  
ghd’s global creative director Sam McKnight – who used ghd aura™ at London Fashion Week last season – said: “ghd aura™ delivers stunning shine and luxurious volume… I love it.  A product that dries while it styles - ghd aura™ is truly different. The best thing about ghd aura™ is the beautiful volume and shine that can be achieved.”
The benefits and features include:
· Control: brand new Laminair™ technology delivers a 65% more concentrated, non-turbulent air stream, so when working on one section of hair, all other sections stay undisturbed, allowing exceptional precision and control
· Shine: unlike any other hairdryer, Laminair™ technology aligns hair in a single direction, creating a focused airflow with even speed and temperature, leaving it ultra-smooth and 38% more shiny
· Volume: breakthrough Cool-Wall™ technology keeps the casing and nozzle cool to touch at 44˚C, versus 126˚C.  This innovation allows you to get much closer to the scalp for amazing root lift and volume, setting your style as it dries
· Quiet: the next generation brushless motor means ghd aura™ is smaller, lighter and 60% quieter
· Economical: ghd aura™ also makes financial sense, requiring 17% less electrical energy consumption
 Landi Le Roux, ghd marketing and education manager, is thrilled with the launch.  “This innovation further enhances our portfolio of styling products and comes at a time when professionals need and want to be offering the best blow-dry they can for their clients.  ghd aura™ launched in Europe earlier this year and feedback from both stylists and consumers have been phenomenal. We are very excited to launch this amazing tool in South Africa and invite consumers to visit their salons and experience the benefits for themselves.”

TOPSHOP is proud to announce it is working with design duo MARQUES’ ALMEIDA for the first time this season. The collection will launch worldwide on 9 October 2014 with pieces that stay true to the designer’s identity that has made waves through London Fashion Week the last two seasons. Fabric-led separates and basics create the perfect 90’s inspired wardrobe, where mixing high and low provides a youthful, raw and effortless approach to style.

“This collaboration with TOPSHOP was one of the most fun things we’ve worked on. We’ve always focused our research around teenagers and what we call the “ youth code” of dressing since we started the brand, working on  this collection meant we could go back and dig deep into those archives, finding old editions of i-D and The Face, Corinne Day and Kate Moss shoots. Sofia (Marta’s sister) and our friends played a big part in forming this collection, as it was all about what we really want to wear! We can’t wait to see the end result in stores and online!”

MARQUES’ ALMEIDA’s signature fabric features heavily and is non-stretch in deep indigo and bleached-out blues and whites. Raw edges and a cut-out of the designer’s logo feature, creating a frayed effect. Boxy A-line dresses, straight leg jeans, shorts, skirts, tunic tops, oversized jackets, parkas, plus a bucket hat and rucksack all feature, with standout pieces ripped to emulate an animal print effect.

Ribbed Knitwear
Turtleneck dresses, mid-length skirts, vests, polo shirts, cardigans, jumpers and straight-leg trousers in a lightweight rib knit are designed to be worn together and add colour to the collection in a palette of lime, turquoise, fuchsia and navy.

Silk Georgette & Taffeta
Adding a luxury element to the collection, the bright palette continues across a selection of silk pieces. Georgette is layered and relaxed creating a tiered effect in mid-length dresses, camisoles and long-sleeved blouses. Taffeta pieces are structured and provide a foil like sheen on blazers, blouses, miniskirts and wide leg trousers.

The campaign imagery has been shot by Marta Marques and features a group of friends, including the designers’ muse; Marta’s Sister, Sofia Marques. The collection has the biggest international stockist distribution of any designer collaboration and will be going into 68 stores.

Kate Phelan, TOPSHOP Creative Director Comments:
“MARQUES’ ALMEIDA have given the TOPSHOP girl a window into their super cool world. This collection brings everything that is modern and fresh about the design duo. 90’s, grunge and youth are referenced and the MARQUES’ ALMEIDA signature look is brought together perfectly.”

Steve Madden collection for Spring 2014
A rock-and-roll story of young love in the city unfolds for Steve Madden in spring 2014. Set in Williamsburg, a young hipster couple embodies the 60s Brit rock lifestyle. Late nights lead to 
early morning hangouts around their Brooklyn apartment and atop their roof over-looking the city skyline.

Never one to blend in with the crowd, the Steve Madden woman makes a statement in spring 2014 by rocking bold metals on her feet. Sporting strappy flat sandals like the DAISEY and KROATIA, she stylishly goes through her day of vintage shopping, reading, and practicing guitar in McCarren Park. 

Spring is all about festivals, picnics, concerts and parties and the SM girl is doing it all in style. Sky-high cork wedges, like the ROPERR and PRIDE have elastic uppers, which make them daytime adventure-approved. Take the fierce STRETCHE stiletto out on nights when you want to embrace your inner rock goddess.

Miss Madden takes her love of vintage to the next level by sporting the styles of the Romans. The GLENDAEL gives a sexy twist to the Gladiator trend by adding height—a stacked platform and heel give her legs for days. Turning heads is standard practice for the SM girl and the knee high ARISOTLE will make sure she’s grabbing attention wherever she goes. The shorter PLATO is perfectly styled with shorts, vintage t-shirt and floppy hat and sunnies – best suited for warm spring days spent outside.

Aldo Partners with

ALDO, the leading international retailer for fashion footwear and accessories, is now available for online purchase in South Africa. In partnership with online fashion retailer,, ALDO offers a digital branded environment to purchase ALDO shoes, handbags and accessories ...

Launched in South Africa in 2005, with over 1,700 stores in 88 countries, ALDO is dedicated to delivering fashion to a diverse customer base at prices that make keeping up with seasonal styles a luxury within reach. The decision to launch ecommerce was made in response to a strong demand by the South Africa customer who is increasingly shopping online. The move online is indicative of a brand constantly seeking to offer new services to improve customer experience.

The ALDO online store is powered by Zando; selected for its superior customer service and the easy and secure online shopping experience it affords local customers.

The online ALDO store stands independently from the Zando website, however the check‐out, payment and delivery processes are managed by Zando so customers benefit from their seamless delivery, multiple payment options and free returns. Purchase ALDO online at