Thursday, 29 October 2015

Benefit Cosmetics arrives in Durban!

Jane Wonder || Benefit Cosmetics Launches in Durban, South Africa

Hiya everyone 

Benefit Cosmetics are back in South Africa, hallelujah! 

Ayesha, the brand manager of Benefit South Africa, invited me and a few of my readers to the Gateway Red Square store yesterday for a little BeneParty.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What's in my MRP Shopping Basket

Hiya everyone ♡

I have been on a shopping embargo for the last 2 months, well for clothes at least. When I saw that Poppy Delevingne released a capsule collection with MRP I thought I should check it out. And I finally saw my beloved staring back at me. I have been wanting a sleeveless blazer for months but couldn't find one that I could actually afford - in comes my friend Poppy. 

I also really needed a few work and play tops. I have been feeling incredibly uninspired with my wardrobe lately. With my self-tan routine being, well, non-existent I also refuse to wear skirts and dresses. WHO has time to shave and self-tan these days???

So, jeans it is. But now what top to wear with it? Which shoes? The strugs are real, people! (just kidding)

I also needed some simple sandals for the (very) hot days that are approaching. With so many variations of the most complicated gladiator sandals out there, I was having trouble finding something simple and easy to put on. Luckily a found a couple of options at MRP.

So here it is, my online shopping basket that will hopefully convert to MRP delivery in a few days, I am sweating waiting for pay day! 

Details on items below. Which one piece would you get? That longer, side-slit grey top (my fave, you'll know if you follow me on Snapchat) is calling my name! 


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Currently Testing ♡ October 2015

Jane Wonder || Currently Testing Beauty Products

Hiya everyone 

I thought I would update everyone on the products I am currently testing. I often feel very under-qualified to review products, especially when it's comparing to other products. Like, if I test a mascara and say it's amazing - I haven't used every mascara on earth so maybe it's not that great and I only think so because it's one of the most amazing ones that I have tried...

So, please keep in mind, that while I get the opportunity to test and use many products I most certainly am not an expert. I am giving my opinions on products, and you are free to agree and disagree. I hope that I have readers that trust my judgement, as I do with a handful of bloggers, and will only have positive experiences with my recommendations :)

Anyways, inferiority-complex aside, these are the products I am trying this month. I have started using a keener eye when testing beauty products so that I can review them the best way possible...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

September Favourites ♡

Hiya everyone ♡

It's favourites time again! This month I thought I wouldn't just include beauty products, I have also covered my fashion, TV and YouTube favourites! 

Let's get to it.

Friday, 2 October 2015

7 of My Fave Beauty YouTubers

Hiya everyone 

Today I thought I would do a blogpost that I would have killed (well, not literally) for a year or so back. If you're still trying to find the best YouTubers to follow then I can break down 7 of my favourites. I have chosen them for different reasons, some for reviews, some for tutorials, some for makeup, a couple for fashion and one for hair.

Please comment of your favourites, I always love learning about new channels to subscribe to!